A dish of cooking oil

EN-HANCE synthetic antioxidants are synergistic blends formulated with time-tested active ingredients. At maximum performance they protect foods from oxidation that can rob your product’s natural flavor, color, and aroma even when solubility, heat, and stability are an issue.  Fish and chips

EN-HANCE formulations are available in economical, easy to use, liquid forms, as well as dry and oil-soluble formulations. Liquid blends offer operational ease and uniform dispersion throughout oil-based products, unlike typical tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ) products, resulting in consistent product performance. Kemin is the global leader in liquid technology and also offers an optional automation process.

Typical Applications:

• Baker Mixes • Lard
• Meat Products • Cookies
• Nuts • Spices
• Potato Chips • Sausages
• Frying Oils ​• Cereals
• Margarines  

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