What's Oxidation Costing You?

Rancid fat means quality has been compromised, but what does that mean to your bottom-line? Oxidized fat may:

  • Destroy fat soluble vitamins.
  • Reduce the digestibility of fat.
  • Reduce palatability and feed consumption.
  • Increase exposure to toxic compounds, which may reduce productivity.
  • Reduce energy content available in the feed.
  • Increase expossure to free radicals, which may lead to internal oxidative stress concerns.
  • Negatively impact gut health, which can lead to future immunity challenges.

Protecting against oxidation could have a big impact on your business's bottom line

Learn more about how Kemin can help assess your current fat quality to determine if the implementation of an antioxidant system would help protect your feed and bring more value to your business.


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