Your Partner for Pet Food and Rendering Technology

For decades, Kemin has worked with the world’s leading pet food manufacturers, renderers and ingredient suppliers to develop innovative solutions that address evolving consumer needs in four key product categories: antioxidants, palatants, proteins and food safety.

Kemin History in the Pet Food and Rendering Industries

Kemin has been supplying ingredients for pet food since the 1960s. By the mid-1980s, pet food choices were becoming increasingly sophisticated and sales were increasing as markets expanded. This shift required Kemin to reposition its approach to match that of its customers.

As a result, Kemin Nutrisurance, the Pet Food and Rendering Technologies division of Kemin Industries, was officially established as a worldwide business unit in 2000. We’ve evolved to offer solutions for every step of the pet food supply chain, to maintain freshness, deliver flavor and palatability and manage microbial risk.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a complete solutions portfolio, which links product and application expertise, to assist customers in creating safe and nutritious food for companion animals worldwide.

The Kemin Difference

Superior Ingredients

Kemin understands how raw materials will ultimately impact finished products. This is why all of our ingredient suppliers are critically evaluated on their ability to provide consistent, high- quality products. In addition, our comprehensive Raw Material Risk Assessment Program is designed to identify product safety risks in all raw materials.

Quality & Manufacturing Excellence

Quality at Kemin means that we promise to deliver safe and efficacious ingredients and products. We fulfill this promise by incorporating quality into every aspect of our business – raw material and suppliers, innovative product development, good manufacturing procedures – extending until the final product release.

Innovative Products

Kemin is focused on identifying, creating and designing industry-leading products that meet safety, stability, palatability, ingredient and formulation needs of pet food manufacturers and renderers.

Technical Services

Our dedicated technical services staff leverages experience and advanced problem-solving skills to troubleshoot customer issues. We provide vital information regarding product performance, market trends, efficacy, inclusion rates and manufacturing processes. Our technical service managers are also prepared to provide training and education to our customers.

Product Application Department (PAD)

Our team of highly qualified engineers and technical experts designs liquid and dry application systems and oversees system fabrication, installation and maintenance. We also provide training and consultation to ensure customer performance goals are met.

Customer Laboratory Services (CLS)

The CLS team provides dedicated analytical support for stability and palatability throughout all phases of the pet food manufacturing process. Our ISO 17025 accredited labs achieve desired throughput and turnaround times as well as feature validated methods to allow us to meet and exceed our customers’ specifications and business goals.

Our Global Presence

With manufacturing facilities on four continents, and global sales staff that live all over the world, serving customers in more than 100 countries, Kemin offers global pet food manufacturing expertise, tailored for local markets. Wherever you are, Kemin Pet Food and Rendering Technologies is there.

North America

The Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Division produces products in Des Moines, IA, Verona, MO, and Sarcoxie, MO.


The Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Division produces products in Herentals, Belgium and Veronella, Italy.

South America

The Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Division produces products in Indaiatuba, Brazil and Vargeão, Brazil.


The Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Division produces products in Zhuhai, China, Gummidipundi, India and Singapore.

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