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Kemin can help keep your bakery and snack products fresher, longer with value-added plant extracts, antioxidant and mold inhibiting products.

Kemin can help keep your bakery and snack products fresher, longer—with our lines of value-added plant extracts, antioxidant and mold inhibiting products.

The technical team at Kemin has the extensive know-how needed to develop solutions that positively affect shelf-life.

We also understand how different factors—like mixing procedures, baking and storage temperatures, water activity, and pH—affect the shelf-life and consumer appeal of your products, and our solutions address those particular needs. From simple solutions to complex blends, we help you solve your flavor and color, microbial and profit margin challenges, so you can keep your product fresher, longer.

Are Formulation Changes Putting Your Brand at Risk?

Kemin recently hosted a webinar on how reformulation could affect the shelf life of your baking and snack products. This webinar provides the industry valuable insights regarding how brand loyalty, consumer purchasing trend and consumer perception areLearn how formulation changes in your bakery and snack products could be putting your brand at risk. related, and how they impact viewers' existing bakery and snack products. We examine how lipid oxidation equals oxidative rancidity, which negatively impacts the sensory qualities of bakery and snack products and ultimately your brand loyalty. By adding antioxidants or plant extracts to your bakery and snack products, you can help keep consumer brand loyalty while also meeting your reformulation goals. View the webinar to learn more.

Technical Download: Increasing the Oxidative Stability of Whole Grain Crackers

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a new natural ingredient system, GT-FORT™, on maintaining the freshness of whole grain crackers. Kemin evaluated the oxidative by-products and the sensory attributes of whole grain crackers treated with oil-soluble green tea extract (OSGT), TBHQ, or mixed tocopherols, as compared with untreated controls.

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