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May is Healthy Vision Month

​How much lutein should you eat? For Healthy Vision Month, it’s time to look at how much lutein and zeaxanthin you need to eat - as recommended by the National Eye Institute.



Kemin's 5 Steps to Sustainability

As a supplier of plant-based ingredients, one of our competitive advantages is our ability to pass along sustainable products to our customers. Discover Kemin's take on the 5 steps to sustainability.


Spearmint: A Botanical with Neuroprotective Properties

Today, plant extracts or botanicals are formulated into nutritional supplements so people can easily absorb the benefits of these powerful herbs. We explore spearmint's impact on brain health.


Working Memory Helps Us Make Sense of Our Daily Lives - Brought to you by Neumentix

Working memory plays an important role in many beneficial behaviors. It helps us make sound decisions, stay positive, learn and stay motivated to complete daily tasks.



Don't Let Muscle Soreness Stop You

No pain, no gain – is that what exercise is supposed to be like? Don't let muscle soreness prevent your progress.

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