Kemin Commitment to Quality

Ingredient quality control is at the forefront of helping customers avoid unnecessary risk. Federal regulations, food recalls and front-page headlines have dramatically increased the importance of ingredient safety and supplier accountability in the global food chain. With every purchasing decision, a producer must weigh the importance of brand credibility and confidence in sourcing consistent, high quality ingredients. In order to minimize risk, improve traceability and ensure quality control to the customer, Kemin pursued, received and maintains the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 for its manufacturing facility in Des Moines, Iowa.

The certification is designed to give:

  • Greater confidence in food
  • Fewer health risks
  • Lower auditing costs
  • Improved brand protection
  • Improved supply chain management

Quality Program at Kemin

The quality and safety of our products is paramount at Kemin and processes are in place for testing not only our ingredients but also our raw materials. CALTAX is a Kemin laboratory dedicated to evaluating our ingredients before being released to manufacturing. With CALTAX, we have standards in place to evaluate our ingredients and possible hazards from these ingredients, so we're comfortable with the remanufacturers' formulas. With our quality control program, customers can have confidence we understand our technology, how our molecules work and that the ingredients are safe and efficacious.

Technical Expertise

Technical expertise at Kemin spans beyond our research groups to all internal business areas. Our technical service representatives, which includes 10 PhDs from across the North American market, serve as liaisons between our laboratories and dedicated sales team. The Kemin technical service and sales teams work together to use applied knowledge and industry experience to ensure what is discovered in our labs is applied to customers' operations and can yield the highest possible return on investment.

Quality Assurance with Kemin

Kemin commits to the highest standards of testing to ensure the quality of our ingredients and continually invests in maintaining top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities. Kemin scientists conduct rigorous quality assurance testing of incoming and outgoing material. In 2010, we chose to further formalize our commitment to quality by pursuing Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked certifications. These are quality certifications that GFSI has identified as meeting food safety standards worldwide.


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