Slendesta Mechanism of Action Video

Slendesta® Mechanism of Action Video


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We all strive to be healthier. Especially when it comes to our eating choices. But sometimes, that pint of ice cream or the late night pizza slice is too irresistible. We can’t help ourselves. Like after a long week of meeting tight deadlines and balancing the world on our shoulders you probably think, “I deserve this.”

It’s those moments – those many, inevitable moments – that you need a helping hand; something to help naturally fight your urge to overindulge. Because let’s face it, its hard.

You need something like Slendesta: a natural supplement ingredient that helps promote feelings of fullness, which allows you to take control of your hunger. That means fewer trips to the snack table when you hit your 3 p.m. slump. 

But what makes Slendesta work? Well, Slendesta is a natural potato-protein based ingredient that contains something called PI2. Now, PI2 works to enhance the release of the satiety hormone CCK, which makes you experience the feeling of fullness. CCK is also released every time we eat, which is what notifies our brains that we’re full and at what point we can stop eating. And what PI2 in Slendesta does, is it helps extend the CCK signaling, so our bodies feel full sooner and for a longer period of time.

And when you incorporate Slendesta into your daily diet and exercise routine, 30-60 minutes before your two largest meals of the day, you’ll in turn feel full longer, without any side effects. That means no more staring contests with your snacks.

So give Slendesta a try and give your health the helping hand it deserves. Look for us online or in the supplement aisle.

Because a healthier you, starts with Slendesta.


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