Iowa STEM Partnership with Kemin

STEM, an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, represents a well-rounded skill set crucial to the workforce in our company, the state, nation, and our world.

STEM Infographic 1 As part of the Kemin vision, we partner with the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council to help promote and support STEM education and economic development in our state.

Since the STEM Council began in 2011, Kemin has provided two of its personnel to serve on the STEM Council:
• Dr. Alissa Jourdan, director of discovery research and worldwide research and development (R&D) coordinator, is an original member of the STEM Council
Dr. Chris Nelson, president and CEO of Kemin Industries, currently serves as the STEM Council co-chair alongside Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds.

Our company has taken full advantage of the STEM Council’s Teacher Externships program that allows business and industry to bring in local STEM teachers for six weeks during the summer. We introduce them to the workforce skills in demand and show them the real-world application of what they teach in the classroom. Since 2009, Kemin has hosted and cost-shared 19 teacher externs.

STEM Infographic 5 Then, in 2014, Kemin approached the STEM Council with the opportunity to partner on the I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Award. This award honors six teachers across the state who are inspiring Iowa’s students to develop a passion for STEM subjects and making a significant difference in the lives of students by providing excellent curriculum, encouraging lifelong learning, and helping students find a passion for STEM beyond the classroom and into the future.

STEM Infographic 2 “There is an increasingly global need for preparing students to become skilled in STEM subjects. The challenges presented by the scale and pace of change throughout the world calls for new innovative solutions from the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” said Dr. Chris Nelson. “I’m proud to personally further support the advancement of STEM in Iowa schools.”


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The Kemin Vision

Improving health, feeding a growing population, protecting our resources, and being a resource for others in need . . . these comprise our purpose. They’re our passion. They’re what move us forward and drive us constantly to do more. They’re about touching lives and improving life.

And as we see our world continue to change and grow, we continue to change, to foster new ways of thinking, to redefine our focus, and to expand our reach.

These are our stories: stories of partnership, innovation, growth, new discovery, and, most importantly, of lives changed.

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