Image of John Springate

John Springate

President and CEO, Kemin EMEA

John Springate started at Kemin in 2002 as president and CEO of Kemin Europa N.V. Herentals, Belgium. His headquarters are located at manufacturing site in Belgium and he oversees offices throughout Europe including Russia, South Africa, and the Middle East.

During his tenure at Kemin, Springate helped acquired a South African competitor in 2005 and instigated an alliance with Adisseo for rumen protected products in 2006. In 2008, he accepted the role of president and CEO Kemin Asia Singapore, where he was fully responsible for business in the Asia Pacific region. In 2010, Springate took on the role of president of Kemin AgriFoods World Wide, a new function created to better coordinate and accelerate the growth of the global agrifoods effort. Following a restructure in Kemin EMEA business, he returned to his current role as president and CEO of Kemin EMEA in 2012, which includes the additional responsibility of president of Kemin Cavriago SRL, an Italian encapsulated product manufacturing company.

Springate received his degrees in applied biology (animal physiology, microbiology, genetics, ecology, and biochemistry) in London, UK). He received his Doctor of Philosophy (PH.D.) Aquaculture in Birmingham, UK.