Libby Nelson

Elizabeth “Libby” Nelson

Vice President and General Counsel

Elizabeth “Libby” Nelson was born in Des Moines Iowa, the second of five children to R.W. and Mary Nelson. As a child she loved to play softball, read, and play basketball. When Nelson was in seventh grade, she decided to become a lawyer. She finished her undergraduate work at Washington University in St. Louis in 1977 and graduated from Drake Law School in 1980. She took two bar exams, one in Iowa and one in Wisconsin and began work in June of 1980 working for a trust company in Milwaukee. 

Her home state called her back in 1981 and she began one of several stints working for the State of Iowa. After working for the Department on Aging, she clerked for a federal bankruptcy judge, and in 1984 she joined the Attorney General’s Office representing the Department of Revenue on tax issues. Next Libby entered private practice, performing transactional law, litigation, debtor-creditor work, real estate law, and corporate governance. She returned to service with the State as an administrative law judge focusing in the area of workers’ compensation and became the primary mediator for resolving disputes between claimants, employers, and insurance carriers. 

Libby then moved on to increased responsibilities with the Attorney General’s Office and represented the Iowa Lottery, general services, the Iowa Communications Network, the treasurer, the auditor, the Higher Education Loan Authority, and the Iowa Finance Authority. Libby left the State in 2001 and joined Kemin Industries in the role of chief legal officer for the company. She is currently vice president and general counsel, responsible for intellectual property and regulatory affairs, audit, administrative services and environmental health and safety.

Libby is a member of the board of directors for Kemin, where she also serves as an officer. She is a member of the board of Youth Emergency Services & Shelter of Iowa (YESS) and chair of the Continuum of Care Committee. Libby is admitted to practice law in the State of Iowa and the State of Wisconsin and before the federal district courts in both states. She is a member of the Iowa and Wisconsin Bar Associations.