Using Products and Services to Solve Customer Problems

Rather than bludgeon customers with endless facts and features about products, Kemin sales representatives listen as much as they talk. We first search for customer pain points. Then use our expertise and insights to deliver products and services that help customers ease their pains in ways that increase their profits.


Providing Customer Contact and Insight

Our sales professionals are the face of Kemin to their customers. Not only do sales representatives personally tend to our customer relationships, they provide our company with invaluable insight into customer challenges. That insight helps us develop products and services that customers will buy.

If your sales philosophy is to first learn your customers’ challenges and then offer the most cost-effective products and services to overcome those challenges, and you are looking for a lifelong career, then Kemin sales is the right place for you!

Sales representatives earn an annual salary with uncapped incentives. Most of our sales representatives work remotely with opportunities to visit their regional headquarters for collaborative training and meetings. We strongly value a background in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM), which would prepare you for our specialized sales positions.