Research and Development


Combining Creativity and Science to Improve Lives
The Kemin Research and Development (R&D) department believes that smart, dedicated, inquisitive people given the freedom to explore can generate amazing results. Our R&D scientists are a big part of why Kemin business units today offer more than 500 ingredients that, through the power of science, improve the quality of life for people and animals around the world.


Overcoming Customer Challenges, Making New Discoveries
Whether you enjoy overcoming challenges to achieve a defined goal or exploring new frontiers while not exactly sure what you’ll find (or some of both), Kemin R&D is a great place for you. Our scientists frequently use their talent and teamwork skills to solve customer challenges. We also give R&D scientists freedom to explore their hunches and intuition and use imagination and creativity in ways that can lead to discovery of new processes and life-improving ingredients.


If you have a passion for using the power of science to improve people’s lives, explore opportunities in Kemin R&D in the following roles:


  • Applied research
  • Basic research
  • Customer laboratory services
  • Quality control
  • Quality assurance