Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Kemin employees


A foundation toward long term success
A company like Kemin, which uses molecular science to create new products and processes, depends upon Legal and Regulatory Affairs to safeguard and maximize the value of the scientific breakthroughs and discoveries that fuel our many business units.

The legal team works closely with the scientific team to secure patents, trademarks, and copyrights to ensure that Kemin maximizes long-term profit from its intellectual property portfolio. The legal team drafts and negotiates agreements with a number of business and academic entities to protect many aspects of global business operations.


Protecting and supporting new product innovation
Regulatory Affairs (RA) professionals manage the master formulation databases, all associated documentation, and determine the regulatory status of ingredients and products based on their intended application in various markets. RA spearheads the Process for Regulatory Innovation (PRI) across Kemin by building dossiers for new uses of existing products in order to achieve timely registration and approval through more than 100 different government agencies around the globe. The RA team supports the safety and efficacy of Kemin products and works to provide detailed information including product specifications, labeling, and safety data sheets to help our customers successfully sell their products in every corner of the globe.


Global expertise with local presence
Legal and Regulatory Affairs is led by Libby Nelson, Vice President and General Counsel, and daughter of Kemin founders, RW and Mary Nelson. The entire legal and regulatory affairs team of more than 50 professionals around the world shares Libby’s commitment to serve customers with expert legal and regulatory advice on the safety and efficacy of our vast product portfolio.

A career in legal and regulatory affairs at Kemin could be for you if you desire to secure intellectual property, obtain product registrations and interface with a variety of government agencies for feed, pet food, human food, pharmaceuticals/medical devices, dietary ingredients or personal care product applications.


Careers in Legal and Regulatory Affairs at Kemin include:

  • Intellectual Property  specialists/paralegal
  • Attorney
  • Regulatory affairs specialists
  • Product registration specialists
  • Documentation specialists