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  • Intern - HR | Posted May 16, 2017

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    Taking Care of Our Most Valuable Assets

    Employees are the most valuable asset of any company. Kemin understands that finding and retaining talented employees who enjoy working for our company are critical for meeting our ambitious vision. Kemin Human Resources (HR) serves as a key business partner that collaborates with all business units to create and execute human resources plans and practices that drive our business forward.


    Tapping into the Power of Talent

    Kemin HR professionals are experts at finding top talent and fostering an engaging environment that inspires all employees to peak performance and long tenure. Constant learning is required of all employees as our business rapidly changes and evolves. The Kemin HR team provides a variety of internal and external training and development opportunities for employees to support their personal growth and development as well as deliver the succession plans Kemin needs to grow. Human Resources professionals who are dedicated to getting the right people in the right jobs to drive both employee satisfaction and extraordinary company results will find a great home at Kemin.


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    • Training
    • Compensation & benefits
    • Recruitment
    • Human resources generalist

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