FORTI-FRY™ - A Combination of Natural Antioxidants and Specialty Oils

Frying is one of the oldest and simplest methods of food cooking. Fried products remain very popular, despite the trend towards low-fat foods. This popularity mainly originates from the speed at which the food can be cooked as well as the attractive properties of fried products. However, there is also a clear trend towards the use of healthier vegetable oils, which have a shorter frying life. Trend toward use of healthy vegetable oils for fried foods

Deep frying indeed brings about a pleasant change of flavour, texture and colour in the food. Unfortunately, it also leads to undesired chemical and physical changes that affect both the quality of the deep frying medium and the fried food. Frying is a complicated, multi-factor process where the frying oil undergoes a complex series of oxidation reactions.

FORTI-FRY is a natural combination consisting of tocopherol rich extract and specialty oils that significantly prolongs the frying life of the oil by preventing the formation of undesirable compounds and off-flavours. Furthermore, the emulsifier system of FORTI-FRY decreases the amount of foaming during frying and provides an optimal heat transfer which results in even browning of the food from the first batch onwards.

FORTI-FRY provides the frying industry with a proprietary, heat stable solution that withstands the rigours of high-temperature processing and maintains the quality and nutritional value of the frying oil and the fried products, as expected by the consumer.

The concentration of total polar compounds (TPC) and dimerised and polymerised triglycerides (DPTG) are widely accepted parameters to decide whether or not the used oil should be replaced.

Results of Forti-fry in bulk oils

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