Synthetic Tectosilicates - The Next Generation Toxin Binder Technology for Complete Protection From Toxic Substances

Mycotoxin contamination in animal feed is a major threat to health and wellbeing of animals, and a hindrance in profitable animal farming. For a long time, various technologies like natural clay toxin binders and MOS-based toxin binders have been used for mycotoxin management in poultry and livestock. Looking at the challenges that adversely affect poultry production, like multi-toxins and pesticide contamination in feed and raw materials, a next generation toxin binder was introduced. The toxin binder is powered by Synthetic Tectosilicates (STS) which not only works as a broad spectrum toxin binder but also prevents new age problem of pesticide toxicity. 

This article published in Poultry Technology takes a deep dive into how STS is the best toxin binder technology available in the market today.

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