Breeders Sensitivity - Are You Watching Closely?

breeders sensitivity for mycotoxin and pesticide accumulation

  • Due to the longer lifecycle of breeders (0 to 60 weeks), there is a higher risk of mycotoxin and pesticide accumulation.
  • Cyclopiazonic Acid (CPA) is produced by same fungi from which Aflatoxin B1 is produced. Its effect is majorly seen in the production (Dorner et al., 1994) part of lifecycle with problems leading to more eggshell breakage and poor absorption of calcium in the egg (Perng-Kuang Chang,1,* Kenneth C. Ehrlich,1 and Isao Fujii). Whereas, Mycophenolic acid (MPA) had effects on immunity of bird.
  • Pesticides reaching to feed either from leeching into ground water or by feed ingredients are highly toxic to breeder birds and has effects on hatchability, reduced egg production, embryonic death, immunosuppression, death and the risk cannot be ignored (Md. Wasim AKTAR, 2009, Vijay J. Jadhav 2011, A. K Pal 2000, Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, 2015)
  • The risk doesn’t end with the present generation of breeder birds, mycotoxins and pesticide residues are transferred vertically to the next generation (Producing Safe Eggs by Steven C Ricke, Richard K Gast, Page No. 395), (B. W. Hicks  H. W. Dorough  R. B. Davis).


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