India PALASURANCE Benefits Pet Food Products

Taking Palatability Beyond Taste

The palatability of pet food depends on many factors, ranging from the freshness of raw materials through the entire pet food manufacturing process including the application of a palatant. That’s why Kemin palatants are designed to go beyond taste. We not only understand the ingredients, but also the raw materials at the molecular level and are able to put scientific and technical resources directly to work for our customers.


The Kemin palatant portfolio begins with Palasurance, our flagship line of palatants for dog and cat foods. We designed these products to deliver the level of palatability that the industry, and pet food consumers, have come to expect.

As shown in Figure 1, diets made with Palasurance palatants were better than commercial benchmark diets on the retail shelf.












Figure 1. Kemin dog palatant performance vs. commercial pet food diets
Source: Kemin Customer Cravings, Sept. 2015, PRE-15-00210

We also looked at how Palasurance products performed versus alternative commercial palatants. As shown in Figure 2, Palasurance cat palatants performed better than alternative standard and super premium palatants. In each of these tests, the palatant variables were compared at equal inclusion rates and application costs on the same cat kibble.












Figure 2. Kemin cat palatant performance vs. alternative commercial palatants
Source: Kemin Customer Cravings, Sept. 2015, PRE-15-00210


PALASURANCE products are:

  • Available in both dry and liquid forms for cats and dogs
  • Backed by quality control standards and verification
  • Produced at facilities in the United States, Brazil and Europe

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