Balancing Performance – Maximizing Profitability

NutriKEM juggler Complex substrates require more than one enzyme activity for a complete solution. Poor digestibility of different raw materials leads to economic losses and poor performance in birds. Kemin has developed unique technology that contains a combination of all necessary enzymes in proper ratio. This provides “one complete solution” for raw material digestibility concerns.


  • One complete solution for increasing bioavailability of nutrients
  • Significant cost savings due to high energy and crude protein replacement
  • Improvement in the performance of bird by reducing feed conversion ratio (FCR) and increasing body weight

Incorporation of NutriKEM on top in commercial broiler diets improved broiler productivity parameters as well as derived a better ROI.


Ref: Amitabh P, Partha P, D, Jayaram K, Studies on Effect of NutriKEM XLP Supplementation on Commercial Broiler Performance and Return on Investment, 2013, KAI

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