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LYSOFORTE is a unique biosurfactant based on lysophospholipids and highly enriched in lysophosphatidylcholine. LYSOFORTE aids in digestion and reduces digestive stress, allowing for better nutrient absorption. More efficient digestion and improved feed density makes optimal feed consumption possible, while simultaneously lowering feed costs.

LYSOFORTE is used all over the world in animal diets to increase the absorption of oils or fats and to improve performance and feed efficiency.

Improved weight gain and energy sparing effects of LYSOFORTE allow feed reformulation that saves cost while maintaining animal performance. This approach increases the profitability of production.

Lysophospholipid enrichment helps LYSOFORTE to lower the size of the emulsion droplet. The Lysophospholipids are much more powerful biosurfactants than conventional phospholipids. They form smaller and more stable micelles with the lipids in the gastrointestinal tract, which are more readily absorbed.1

The use of LYSOFORTE in young animals is strongly recommended due to two characteristics of their nutritional physiology: bile salts production and lipase availability.

Trial results have shown that LYSOFORTE improves the zoological performance in commercial broilers by increasing the body weight and reducing the feed conversion ratio. LYSOFORTE supplementation improved the flock uniformity of broilers. LYSOFORTE supplementation has also demonstrated a reduction in the body fat deposition.2

LYSOFORTE has also demonstrated better performance in various types of fats and oils. LYSOFORTE Dry supplementation in broiler diets results in an appreciable increase in the AME of low energy corn-soybean meal diets containing different fat sources of both animal and plant origin. Our study also proves that LYSOFORTE Dry supplementation facilitates the restoration of the metabolisable energy of low energy diets. Based on the quality of palm oil used, LYSOFORTE Dry supplementation can effectively increase the metabolisable energy of corn-soy diets from 64kcal/kg to 98 kcal/kg.3

A broiler AME trial conducted at Massey University in 2008 showed a significant increase in AME by LYSOFORTE Dry supplementation of diets containing different fat sources (both animal and plant origin) ranging from 81 to 98kcal/kg diet.  (Source: Kemin Internal Document BB-08-00115)

Key Benefits of using LYSOFORTE:

  1. Enhances hydrophilic properties
  2. Promotes small emulsion droplet size of fats/oils
  3. Reduces critical micellar concentration (CMC)
  4. Promotes rapid absorption of fatty acid
  5. Aids in absorption of fatty acids and nutrients like fat soluble vitamins


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