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Enhancing Absorption of Fat and Nutrients

Profitability, through the utilisation of nutrients, combined with animal health, are two of the most important challenges in today’s animal production. Feed fats and oils variability is a very common issue, and can influence feed variability and animal performance. This issue is often under valuated, and makes animal production less predictable.

LysoforteTM is a biosurfactant derived from a natural source which enhances a more efficient utilisation of lipids and other nutrients like glucose and amino acids. This changes the environment in the digestive tract in livestock and poultry to enhance better absorption of nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins.

LysoforteTM can be used as either an additional ingredient to enhance digestion and absorption of total fat present in the feed, or to partially replace oil or fat being added to diets which result in a direct cost saving while still maintaining animal performance.

Unique Performance

When animals ingest feed containing LysoforteTM, the biosurfactant molecules emulsify fats. Smaller fat droplets emulsify with bile salts in the intestine resulting in greater surface area; therefore, increasing the likelihood of contact between lipases and fat molecules. Further accelerates the process of fat hydrolysis when lipase is in contact with the droplets. LysoforteTM has a significant capacity to form smaller and more stable micelles which allow the fatty acids to be better absorbed by the intestinal cells. 

Return on Investment

Digestion and absorption of feed ingredients is of paramount importance in maintaining the profitability of livestock and poultry production. Feed is always a major investment and a place where extra attention to optimising nutrient uptake is not only appreciated by our customers but also expected.

Effects on Digestion

  • Creates smaller emulsion particles
  • Lowers the critical micelle concentration
  • Supports the effect of bile salts during fat emulsification in the gut
  • Improves nutrient transport through the intestinal lumen
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients like lipids, amino acids and glucose
  • Improves the absorption of fat-soluble components like vitamins, carotenoids and pigments


  • Improved animal performance
  • Lower feed cost through more efficient use of nutrients
  • Contributes to animal health and welfare
  • More environmentally friendly animal production
  • Allows reformulating diets at a lower cost without compromising animal’s performance



Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labelling and associated claims may differ based upon government requirements.

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