KEMZYME® Benefits Animal Feeds

Enzymes promote efficient animal production because they assist in the breakdown of complex and varying substrates coming either from wheat or corn/soya based diets and from rations including a variety of alternative raw materials. Enzymes have become an important tool for nutritionists to keep feed costs under control, even more important under today’s economic and environmental situation. Complex substrates require more than one enzyme activity for a complete solution. Kemin provides a unique solution to enhance the use of today´s complex feed with KEMZYME.

The KEMZYME portfolio consists of specialized enzymes in order to provide an exhaustive solution.


The presence of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in plant cell wall reduces the digestibility and limits the apparent metabolizable energy (AME) of feed used for broiler birds. In an attempt to address the issues of NSPs in feed, a cost effective enzyme formulation was developed. The product is a blend of slow release amylase (SRA), non-starch polysaccharide hydrolases (NSPases) such as xylanase, cellulose, glucanase, and xylanase potentiating factor (XPF). KEMZYME XPF is a unique SRA with an acid protected α-amylase (refined amylase). It was developed by Kemin to specifically target enteric release in order to withstand the harsh acidic conditions of the gizzard. The presence of ferulic acid (FA) cross links in cell walls limits the biodegradability of cereal based diets. XPF has the ability to hydrolyze the ester bond between the xylan polysaccharide and the ferulate or diferulates present in the plant cell walls. XPF, with xylanase, is believed to aid main chain hydrolases to degrade plant cell walls by breaking the ferulate linkages. This, in turn, improves the AME of broiler birds.1



KEMZYME Protease

KEMZYME Protease is a product developed by Kemin that consists of heat stable acid protease, acid-resistant neutral protease, and acid-resistant alkaline protease.

KEMZYME Protease is designed to improve the digestion and utilization of protein in animal diets. This product employs our proprietary slow-release technology and heat-stable process to assure various types of protease release at certain points in the digestive tract and also thereby reducing the enzyme activity loss during the feed production process. It guarantees the bioavailability of proteases and helps animals use dietary protein better. Thus, KEMZYME Protease:

  • Improves animal production performance
  • Lowers the use of dietary protein and feed cost
  • Decreases nitrogen emission
  • Improves feeding environment

It also broadens dietary protein sources and provides an effective solution to the shortage of protein sources.

The price of protein sources has increased in recent years and is expected to remain at a high level in the future due to a shortage of protein sources. Due to the limited digestion of protein sources, about 20% dietary protein is excreted with feces, without any benefit to the animal. To address this issue, supplemental exogenous proteases are proposed to improve utilization of plant protein. Digestive proteases are classified as acid protease, neutral protease, and alkaline protease, which play roles in the stomach (low pH condition) and intestine tract (neutral or alkaline condition), respectively.

Application of KEMZYME Protease on-top improves the growth performance and feed conversion ratio of broilers. Also, application of KEMZYME Protease in low-protein diets can maintain the growth performance of farming animals and reduce feed cost.

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