KemTRACE® Aqua

As shrimp grow they moult frequently. As a result of frequent moulting, shrimp can lose essential trace minerals in the moulted exoskeleton. In order to remain healthy and grow profitably, shrimp require a constant source of trace minerals. Should the shrimp become mineral deficient the result is poor moulting, loose shell problems, improper tissue mineralization, white muscle problems, poor feed efficiency and ultimately poor growth.

KemTRACE® Aqua is a mineral mix for shrimp with a combination of organic trace minerals using Kemin’s unique metal propionates, macro minerals and essential vitamins.1 When the mineral mix enters the shrimp’s body it is first solubilized inside the gut and disassociated into ionic form of the metals. Absorption of the metal ions is accomplished by specific carrier binding protein inside the shrimp gut. 

KemTRACE Aqua has fewer interactions among the minerals in the mix, better bio-availability and maximum absorption at specific sites of the gut. The ideal mineral combination in KemTRACE Aqua is formulated to help in better moulting of animal and reduces soft shelling, improving the growth and feed conversion ratio of Shrimpof Shrimp. 

KemTRACE Aqua is available in 1 Kg HDPE container and recommended to use regularly at 5 g/ Kg of feed and 10 g/ Kg of feed during mineral deficiency indications.


[1]  Catalyzed process for producing metal carboxylates for use as animal feed supplements, US 5,591,878

Metal propionates for use as animal feed supplements 5,707,679

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