Water Quality

Efficient management of water quality is critical for the success of aquaculture. It includes physical, chemical and biological factors that must be maintained for improving the productivity in shrimp farms. Among the other physical factors, water transparency is a crucial parameter for the healthy aquatic environment.

Water Quality Factors


Effect Of water Transparency

Water transparency refers to the penetration of light through water, which indicates the concentration of suspended solids. The presence of suspended solids such as clay, sand, plankton bloom, organic matter and other colloidal solids leads to turbidity in water.

HydroSORB™ for Optimal Water Quality

HydroSORB™ is a unique combination of natural silicates having high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) with Kemin’s patented plant extracts to optimise the water clarity, algal bloom and increase diatom growth in aqua culture.

Mode of Action for HydroSORB

Features for HydroSORB


  • Optmises the water transperency 

  • Regulates the micro alge bloon in pond 

  • Reduces the toxic gas production in pond

  • Consolidate the pond bottom significantly 

  • Optmises photosythesis and pH fluctuation

  • Improves diatom growth  


  • Tectosilicate with high CEC of the products

  • Combination of silicates & phenolic compounds

  •  Ideal particle size

  •  Enriched with diatom growth promoters

  •  Quality – As per the EU speciation

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