India COZANTE™ Benefits Poultry

A bird’s intestine is the second largest organ that comes in direct contact with foreign material through eating feed and drinking water on a daily basis. Therefore, maintaining intestinal integrity is of utmost importance for a bird’s health and proper functioning of the digestive system.

Intestinal integrity may be compromised by various nutritional and pathogenic factors, such as coccidiosis. This disease is of significant importance since it impacts the health and performance of poultry, causing severe economic losses.

Kemin Industries, through intensive global research, has developed an effective solution to control coccidiosis in broilers. The efficacy of the solution has been proved by more than 100 in vitro and in vivo trials across India and Europe.

COZANTE contains a polyphenol compound, which is highly potent and effective against three major strains of coccidiosis: Eimeria tenella, E. Maxima and E. acervulina. COZANTE contains encapsulated active ingredients using our proprietary encapsulation technology. This unique method helps ensure that the product’s active ingredients are delivered to the right place within the intestine and in the right amount.

Delivery of the active ingredients to the appropriate site is further facilitated by different release boosters placed in the matrix of the product. This unique technology of encapsulation ensures that COZANTE active ingredients will be delivered at duodenum to control E. acervulina, mid intestine to control E. Maxima, and the distal portion of the intestine (i.e. Ceca) to control caecal coccidiosis caused by E. tenella

The efficacy of the product has been proven by various trials conducted by Kemin research and development (R&D) teams, TANUVAS University, and commercial trials conducted in various parts of India.

COZANTE is a highly potent and effective encapsulated anticoccidial with effective targeted delivery of the active ingredient throughout the intestine for better control of both intestinal and caecal coccidiosis.

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