AcidLAC Aqua

AcidLAC Aqua product

When Vibrio sp. grows in the gut of a shrimp it produces toxic metabolites that deteriorate gut microflora, affect the digestion process, interfere with the absorption and utilization of nutrients (protein), and cause gut related diseases that result in poor growth.

AcidLAC Aqua is a highly potent gut acidifier consisting of organic acids and essential oil. Its organic acids reduce the pH and microbial load in the gut. The essential oil prevents Vibriosis disease by reducing the virulence of Vibrio sp. AcidLAC Aqua effectively inhibits Vibrio harveyi compared to some key gut acidifier products available in the market.

AcidLAC Aqua is available in 1 Kg HDPE container and recommended to use regularly at 5 -10 g/ Kg of feed.

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