Strategies To Replace Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs)

An AGP alternative program requires a holistic approach which involves management procedures including housing, water, feed, pathogen control in addition to using AGP alternative products. The success relies on implementation of poultry production fundamentals.


  • Importance of AGP replacement program needs to be communicated to all the levels of  the stake holders


  • Prevent the introduction of pathogens into farms
  • Limit entry of visitors and vehicles
  • Control insects, rodents and entry of wild birds
  • Properly dispose of debris and dead birds

Breeder and Hatchery Management

  • Breeder nutrition and health
  • Clean eggs are the key for healthy chicks
  • Maintain optimum temperature, humidity, oxygen and ventilation per standards

Farm  Management

  • Adequate downtime
  • House preparation
  • Optimum stocking density
  • Good litter management
  • Optimum temperature, ventilation and humidity
  • Minimise stress

Feed Management

  • Raw material quality
  • Precision diet and formulation based on digestible nutrients
  • Feed hygiene

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