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Kemin Launches Immunomodulator Product for Poultry

Kemin Launches Immunomodulator Product for Poultry

Aleta™ is a revolutionary algae-based immunomodulator for optimal animal health

CHENNAI, India (July 26, 2017) – Kemin Industries, a global nutritional ingredient company that uses science to create solutions and products that touch half the world’s population, has launched its next-generation immunomodulator product for poultry, Aleta™, in India.

The product was launched by Dr. Chris Nelson, President and CEO of Kemin, along with
Dr. Geoff Horst, Research and Development Lead for Animal Nutrition and Health, North America,
Mr. G. S. Ramesh, Group President of Animal Nutrition and Health, Dr. R. Sureshkumar, President of Animal Nutrition and Health, India and local Kemin employees.

Following the launch, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Horst and Mr. Ramesh held a global live webcast on “Immu-nnovation in Poultry”. The group had a detailed discussion on the science of the immunomodulator, the uniqueness of Beta Glucan for optimizing animal health and why Aleta is the next-generation solution for animal health. More than 100 participants worldwide watched the webcast, which can be viewed here.

“Kemin recognizes antibiotic replacement as a key focus of our customers and the industry. When we look at scientific literature, there are basically six different technologies proven to be the best alternatives to antibiotics,” said Dr. Nelson during the event. “Prior to Aleta, Kemin already had four technologies that are globally recognized and proven to be effective antibiotic alternatives. With Aleta, we now have an immunomodulator technology for our antibiotic alternative portfolio in animals.”

In March, Kemin acquired a unique linear 1,3 ß-glucan (Beta Glucan) manufacturing technology, developed by Algal Scientific. With Aleta, Kemin offers immunomodulator technology that is not only revolutionary but also one of the safest and most effective products available today in the Indian market, said Dr. Nelson.

Aleta is a pure and highly bioavailable immunomodulator offering a high and consistent concentration of linear 1,3 ß-glucan to improve immunity and animal performance. Aleta provides a consistent ROI in situations of immune and stress challenges.

During the webcast, Dr. Horst explained the uniqueness of Aleta and how it stands out from yeast-based Beta Glucan products in the market. Key points included:

  • High concentration compared to yeast based ß-glucans
  • Linear 1,3 ß-glucan from algae has superior immune response compared to 1,6 ß-glucans derived from yeast
  • Standardized and quantifiable ß-glucan
  • Highly bioavailable ß-glucan
  • More consistent immunomodulator activity
  • Safe product (no dioxin, no ionophore contamination)

To learn more about Aleta, please visit www.kemin.com/en/india/products/aleta or view the webcast here.

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About Kemin Industries

Kemin (www.kemin.com) has been dedicated to using applied science to improve the quality of life for over half a century. As a global company touching 3.6 billion people every day with its products, Kemin is committed to improving the quality, safety and efficacy of food, feed and health-related products to feed a growing population and be a resource for others in need.

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A privately held, family owned and operated company, Kemin has more than 2,000 global employees and operates in 90 countries including manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

Media Contact:
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Kemin launches Aleta Beta Glucan in India

Image: From left to right, Dr. Geoff Horst, Research and Development Lead for Animal Nutrition and Health, North America, Dr. Chris Nelson, President and CEO of Kemin, and Mr. G. S. Ramesh, Group President for Animal Nutrition and Health, during the live discussion on “Immu-novation in Poultry”.

Dr. Geoff Horst Launches Aleta

Image: Dr. Geoff Horst, Research and Development Lead for Animal Nutrition and Health, North America, talking about Aleta during the event.

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health India team during Aleta launch

Image: Animal Nutrition and Health, India team at the launch of Aleta.