Rosemary Plant Science at Kemin Industries

What is Rosemary?

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is an evergreen shrub in the Lamiaceae family of plants which is native to the Mediterranean region and related to basil, marjoram, and oregano. It has been used as an herbal remedy for household treatment of common ailments for a long time. Due to powerful antioxidant abilities, rosemary extracts are commonly used in food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products to inhibit lipid oxidation. Since 1996, Kemin has been developing proprietary lines of rosemary to create a consistent, reliable and sustainable product. These ingredients serve the food, pet food and health & wellness industries.

World’s leading grower of sustainably grown rosemary

One approach to producing rosemary is to harvest it from the wild in Mediterranean countries such as Morocco. This practice can dramatically alter the natural ecosystem and produce varying efficacy. At Kemin, we are challenged every day to think differently to produce the highest quality ingredients. As a result, we’ve invested millions of dollars into developing a system to grow sustainable rosemary certified by SCS Global Services (SCS). Today we are the largest vertically integrated supplier of sustainably grown rosemary. We partner with agricultural farmers who share our commitment to sustainability, quality and safety requirements.

View our Sustainably Grown Certified rosemary certificate from SCS Global Services here.​

Innovation in a changing and competitive world

With one of the largest germplasm collections in the world, Kemin breeds more than 25 new, advance proprietary lines of rosemary each year as part of an ongoing commitment to our customers. In addition to proprietary breeding, field testing and advancement programs, Kemin has more than two acres of greenhouse space devoted to specialty crop research, development and vegetative propagation plus a 300 acre research farm. This practice allows us to continue researching and developing lines with the highest molecular content of desired molecules.

It takes two years to establish each rosemary crop before harvesting begins and each crop has a lifespan of about seven years. We are committed to the time and discipline it takes to research and develop plant properties and grow plants that will solve tomorrow’s problems. Our passion is to breed, grow, harvest and deliver the very best rosemary in the world.

Growing Rosemary, A Sustainable Approach

The Kemin Vision

Improving health, feeding a growing population, protecting our resources, and being a resource for others in need . . . these comprise our purpose. They’re our passion. They’re what move us forward and drive us constantly to do more. They’re about touching lives and improving life.

And as we see our world continue to change and grow, we continue to change, to foster new ways of thinking, to redefine our focus, and to expand our reach.

These are our stories: stories of partnership, innovation, growth, new discovery, and, most importantly, of lives changed.

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