Oregano Plant Science at Kemin Industries


As one of the world's largest oregano growers, Kemin has more than 1,600 acres of farmland dedicated to growing high-quality oregano plants in the heart of Texas. 

Today, Kemin owns and operates one of the world’s most advanced oregano breeding, cultivation and processing operations, supporting the year-round production of two oregano clonal lines, hand-selected and developed specifically for their high concentrations of the molecules, carvacrol and thymol – two bioactive ingredients that have been found to be beneficial to livestock health.

In our oregano operation, the two clonal lines are continually cultivated from generation to generation to ensure consistency and quality. Seedlings that began in a greenhouse are transplanted to the field and planted by hand, where they grow until maturity. Biomass is harvested three times each year. The extracted oils are distributed to Kemin manufacturing locations around the world for formulation.

The farming process at Kemin is unique compared to other companies in that we control the process all the way from breeding the individual oregano lines that we grow through production in the field through the harvest process and through the final formulation of the product.