Kemin Core Innovations & Technologies

Kemin is a company built on a commitment to innovation and technology. After more than half a century, Kemin remains inspired to discover and develop new molecular solutions and technologies that improve the world.

Six Core Technologies

The majority of our scientific energies are directed into six specialized technologies: chemical binding, acid neutralization, natural fermentation, encapsulation, plant science, and extraction.

Chemical Blending

At Kemin, chemical blending is more than combining two or more ingredients to create simple compounds. We place promising ingredients and chemicals together to create, through synergy, exciting new antioxidants, enzymes, acidifiers, and antimicrobials that benefit the livestock and food industries.

The company's work in chemical blending has resulted in products that prevent oxidation in animal feed and human food -- from salad dressings to sandwich spreads -- keeping them fresher longer. Other Kemin products extend the flavor of foods or stop mold growth on tortillas, muffins and other flour-based foods, extending their shelf life as well. For the pet food industry, our ingredients keep pet foods fresh and nutritious longer.

Acid Neutralization

By creating new ways to buffer naturally occurring acids in animal feed, Kemin is making them safer for producers to handle and helping prevent corrosion in feed handling equipment, thereby extending the life of equipment. Acid neutralization plays a large role in the development of our innovative feed enhancement products from trace minerals to mold inhibitors. In fact, we are recognized as the market leader in curbing mold growth in processed feed ingredients.

Industrial Fermentation

Kemin is an expert in creating environments favorable for growing and guiding the development of specific organisms and micro-organisms for beneficial use in specific areas of industry.  Fermentation starts with live organism cultures incubated at specific temperatures until the organisms multiply, at which time they are transferred to a fermentation tank where pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and mixing rates are controlled.

This bacteria and fungi that Kemin engineers form the basis of several products, among them probiotics containing live cultures to aid intestinal health, enzymes to convert molecules, anti-microbials that stops the growth of other bacteria, fungi, and protozoans, and metabolites to guard against negative effects of other organisms.


Kemin is at the forefront of micro-encapsulation technology, creating new techniques to envelop individual particles of a product or ingredient to keep their key ingredients more stable and efficacious.

We are a leader in the production of encapsulated amino acids for the feed industry. Our encapsulated products improve the palatability of feed while delivering the timed release of active ingredients throughout digestion, helping animals absorb more nutrients from their feed.

Our personal care customers benefit from encapsulated biodegradable beads, an alternative to polyethylene beads used in products such as facial and body scrubs.

Plant Science

For more than 20 years, Kemin has been dedicated to using plant science to create specialty ingredients that enhance nutrition and health for humans and animals.The premise is straightforward: Kemin uses plants as manufacturing vehicles for beneficial chemistry. While the premise is simple, the practice is complex, especially since we do not genetically modify plants. Our company is committed to invest in the research and development of plant based solutions.

The process to produce high quality efficacious molecules is painstaking and time consuming as it includes: breeding, screening, testing, growing and extraction. These molecules are then used to manufacture ingredients that provide functional or active benefits for a wide array of applications in the feed and food industries as well as the health, nutrition and personal care markets.


Kemin has developed proprietary technology to gently retrieve active ingredients from their source plants for greater retention of their effective properties.  Depending on the circumstance, we employ various extraction methods, including a process that uses only purified water, centrifugation and driers.


The Kemin Vision

Improving health, feeding a growing population, protecting our resources, and being a resource for others in need . . . these comprise our purpose. They’re our passion. They’re what move us forward and drive us constantly to do more. They’re about touching lives and improving life.

And as we see our world continue to change and grow, we continue to change, to foster new ways of thinking, to redefine our focus, and to expand our reach.

These are our stories: stories of partnership, innovation, growth, new discovery, and, most importantly, of lives changed.

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