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Dr. Diogo Sousa-Martins

President, Kemin Pharma

Dr. Diogo Sousa-Martins earned his degree in pharmaceutical sciences and obtained his pharmaceutical doctor degree in 2002.

Since 2003 his focus has been on management and strategy. Having earned a Masters in Competitive Intelligence from the Academy of Competitive Intelligence/Harvard, USA, a MBA in Marketing from UCP, a Master of Science in Marketing Strategy UCP / MIT Sloan School of Business, and a Ph.D. in Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the Federal University of São Paulo, Dr. Sousa-Martins, is an active writer of scientific and management papers.

After working in different companies such as Novartis and Chauvin/Bausch & Lomb, Dr. Sousa-Martins joined Kemin in 2003, where he held numerous positions in multiple geographies.

Dr. Sousa-Martins is an Invited Professor of Pharmacy College, University of Lisbon, Portugal, and coordinator of different graduation and post-graduation programs. He is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, an author of 25 papers, 63 oral presentations at international conferences, a winner of three Chairman Retreats, winner of the CAPES award from the Brazilian Ministry of Education for best Ph.D. thesis in medicine in Brazil in 2013, an inventor of three pending patents, a founding member of the Brazilian Association for Ocular Pharmacology (ABRAFO) in 2006, a member of the Portuguese Society of Chemistry since 1999, and Member of the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Bar since 2002.