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The Story

microbead formulation example from Kemin industries

When the need to replace plastic micro particles with eco-friendly beads impacted the market, Kemin responded with XFoliPEARL: a biodegradable, plant-based and natural exfoliating bead that provides advantages compared to other natural alternatives available on the market.

Kemin developed XFoliPEARL with its proprietary spray freezing technology that results in consistency in the size and smoothness of each bead. The high-melting point wax results in robust beads that remain stable in aqueous gels and emulsions.

XFoliPEARL offers an easy-to-use solution for customers without sacrificing the performance of their products, while providing the benefits of its natural origins.

INCI name

Hydrogenated Castor Oil (and) Euphorbia cerifera (Candelilla) Wax
      *Customized versions are available - please contact us to inquire

Say B.E.A.D.S.  . . . Think XFoliPEARL!

plant-based formulations from Kemin Industries

  • Biodgradable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Alternative to plastic microbeads
  • Designed with natural waxes
  • Stable & gentle exfoliator

Plant Source

Wax-based beads

white cosmetic cream with red microbeads

Key Features 

  • Exfoliating agent
  • Cleansing agent
  • Good suspension capacity
  • Compatible with a large range of cosmetic ingredients
  • No impact on pH
  • Stable

 Regulatory Status/Certification

  • Biodegreadable
  • Regulatory-friendly
  • ​China approved

Certain statements, product labeling, and claims may differ by geography or as required by government requirements.

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