VERDILOX™ for Natural Pet Food Sustainability

Evolution of the Pet Food Market

Pet humanization is continuing to drive significant growth in the demand for natural, premium pet food products globally. The growth in consumer demand for premium pet food products has increased use of natural antioxidants in pet food ingredients and natural pet food products. The use of natural antioxidants instead of synthetic antioxidants supports a more consumer friendly label. The trend toward novel pet food ingredients (pulses, insect, catfish, etc.) creates shelf life stabilization challenges that benefit from natural antioxidant solutions. 

Natural Antioxidant for Pet Food Preservation

The growing global demand for natural antioxidants for pet food preservation has created abundant opportunities and challenges. Kemin has developed innovative products that help to maintain freshness of raw materials and pet food products. In order to keep up with the changing dynamics in the pet food market, beyond mixed tocopherols, Kemin is committed to innovation that can address challenges for maintaining freshness and shelf life. 

Vertically-integrated ingredients have enabled Kemin to develop new approaches to delivering natural shelf life stability. Kemin combines crop improvement technology and plant selection knowledge with application and research expertise to create novel products—such as VERDILOX—that increase the sustainability of natural antioxidant ingredients.

Sustainability Goals:

  • Always act with environmental responsibility
  • Ensure sustainability of raw material pricing and supply
  • Ensure social accountability
  • Continuous improvement of crop production
  • Obtain and maintain third-party verification (Kemin botanicals are certified sustainably grown by SCS Global)

This approach demonstrates our commitment to providing socially and environmentally responsible natural antioxidant solutions for pet food preservation while ensuring continuous supply and pricing stability. Leading renderers, ingredient suppliers and petfood manufacturers trust Kemin as their antioxidant supplier. 

VERDILOX for Natural Pet Food Sustainability

Kemin developed the VERDILOX portfolio to improve the supply chain and shelf-life performance. VERDILOX provides a unique blend of mixed tocopherols and a vertically-integrated supply chain of botanically-sourced ingredients that results in a mixture for pet food preservation that meets the ever-growing demand for natural, premium pet food ingredients and diets.

The innovative VERDILOX antioxidant portfolio provides ingredient suppliers freshness protection. Its unique blend of natural mixed-tocopherols and botanically sourced ingredients demonstrates Kemin’s commitment to providing industry leading socially and environmentally responsible natural antioxidant solutions.

Benefits of VERDILOX

VERDILOX Features:

Adding VERDILOX to your supply chain gives you:

  • An innovative blend of botanically-sourced ingredients
  • Improved metal chelation, to prevent the formation of free radicals that initiate the oxidation process
  • Vertically-integrated supply chain of raw materials
  • Improved ingredient sustainability
  • Improved shelf-life performance of ingredients and petfood products
  • Non-GMO solution, with other specialty products also available upon request

Add VERDILOX to the Mix

Kemin’s value comes from partnering with customers to demonstrate our commitment to delivering and supporting innovative solutions that meet your ever-changing needs. Kemin provides a wide range of natural antioxidants for every step of the pet food manufacturing process. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Contact a Kemin sales representative to see how VERDILOX can provide innovative natural shelf-life stability that meets the growing consumer demand for more sustainable natural, premium pet foods and pet treats.

Also, by partnering with Kemin we will show you how our Product Application Department (PAD), Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) and Technical Services Team can provide value-added support to help you achieve your business goals.

*Natural here is defined by the 2011 European Pet Food Industry Federation Code of Good Labelling Practice for Pet Food.

**Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labelling and associated claims may differ based upon local government requirements.

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