TERMOX® Synthetic Antioxidant Blend for Preserving Pet Food Ingredients and Products

TERMOX is an industry-leading line of synthetic antioxidant blends for preserving the quality of pet food ingredients and products. Available in liquid or dry form, TERMOX is a proven solution for the stabilisation of oils, fats, protein meals, raw materials, and finished pet food products that are highly susceptible to oxidation. The process of extending the shelf life of pet food products requires selecting the right antioxidant and TERMOX is specially formulated to maintain product freshness and protect the overall quality of petfood.

Selecting the Right Antioxidant

In order to preserve the sensory properties and nutritional quality of petfood and its ingredients it is critical to utilize antioxidants. Free radicals and oxygen can cause the oils and fats in petfoods to oxidise or turn rancid. Using a synthetic blend of antioxidants for protecting pet food products will be effective in slowing oxidation down by reacting with the free radicals. Oxidation can have a negative impact in petfoods. Rancidity, the most common byproduct of oxidation, will result in the formation of off-odors and flavours. Severe oxidation can also decrease the nutritional value of pet foods, and in some cases, can cause negative health effects in companion animals through degradation of fat soluble vitamins and creation of toxic metabolites.

The oxidation process cannot be stopped entirely, though we can control it with effective antioxidant solutions--extending the shelf life of pet food products. A complete stability assurance program can assist ingredient suppliers, rendering plants, and petfood manufacturers in controlling oxidation through their entire production processes.

At Kemin, we know an effective quality assurance programme must address the entire scope of stabilisation—from raw material quality to the stability of the final pet food product. That’s why Kemin offers a wide range of synthetic antioxidant solutions for pet food ingredients and formulations, ensuring that you have the right antioxidant blend for preserving pet food products in every application.

Not All Synthetic Antioxidants Are Created Equal

There are a number of antioxidants commonly used in the rendering and petfood manufacturing processes – including butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and propyl gallate (PG). TERMOX products feature blends of BHA, BHT and propyl gallate, which serve to help control the free radical chain reaction associated with oxidation.

Synthetic antioxidants provide oxidative stability to ingredients commonly used in the pet food and rendering industries, and while they are typically effective in controlling the autoxidative process, Kemin scientists recognise that these antioxidants can react differently depending on the process and the substrate that is being stabilised. This is why we offer a complete line of synthetic formulations to provide maximum protection from oxidation and for extending the shelf life of pet food products.

TERMOX for Stabilising Protein Meals, Animal Fats and Pet Foods

TERMOX is a line of synthetic antioxidant blends for pet food formulations that serve to stabilise oils, fats, raw materials and finished pet food products that are highly susceptible to oxidation. The result is superior freshness protection at every phase of the process—from raw pet food ingredients to the final pet food product.

The TERMOX Advantage

  • A complete antioxidant stabilisation system
  • An effective range of antioxidant solutions for every application
  • Ethoxiquin-free solutions

An Industry Leader in Antioxidants for Extending the Shelf Life of Pet Food Products

As the industry leader in natural and synthetic antioxidants used for extending the shelf life of pet food products, Kemin takes great pride in the fact that many of the world’s leading pet food manufacturers and rendering companies trust us with their antioxidant stabilisation programmes. What sets Kemin apart is:

  • Extensive experience and knowledge in the petfood industry
  • Our expertise and emphasis in the rendering industry
  • Product and technical support at the local and global levels
  • Collaborative services to help develop new products and troubleshoot problems
  • A corporate commitment to quality and food safety

Add TERMOX to Your Freshness Protection Program

For maximum protection from oxidation, Kemin offers a dynamic line of liquid synthetic antioxidants under the TERMOX brand. Adding TERMOX antioxidants to your operation will help you maintain product freshness, protect pet food product quality, extend the shelf life of pet food products, and assure customer satisfaction.

Contact Kemin today to see how TERMOX can bring stability and freshness protection to your petfood manufacturing or rendering company. Also, we will show you how our Product Application Department (PAD), Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) and Technical Services Team can provide value-added support to help you achieve your product specifications and business goals.

*Natural here is defined by the 2011 European Pet Food Industry Federation Code of Good Labelling Practice for Pet Food.

**Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labelling and associated claims may differ based upon local government requirements.

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