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Vertically Integrated Plant-Based Natural Extract

farming family image on Kemin Industries At Kemin, our passion is to breed, grow, harvest, and deliver the very best rosemary-based ingredient to our customers.

Today, we are the largest vertically integrated supplier of sustainably grown rosemary in the world. We partner with agricultural farmers in Texas and New Mexico, who share our commitment to sustainability, quality, and safety requirements. This method allows us to have complete control of the entire process from planting to final natural extraction, resulting in safe, consistent, and sustainable products of the highest quality and integrity.


World’s Leading Grower of Sustainably Grown Rosemary  Sustainably Grown Certified - Kemin Rosemary Production

Kemin is proud to be the first company to certify rosemary to the Sustainably Grown Standard. Through stringent, annual auditing, Kemin has certified 100% of its rosemary production to this sustainability standard.


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Growing Rosemary, A Sustainable Approach


Multi-Generation, Sustainable Partnership


The Kemin Vertical Integration Story

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