RENDOX® Synthetic Antioxidants for Rendering Production

Kemin offers a variety of synthetic antioxidants used to protect products from oxidation during the rendering and petfood production processes. RENDOX antioxidants are specially formulated to stabilise protein meals and animal fats and help maintain product freshness, protect pet food product quality, increase product shelf life to ultimately increase customer satisfaction. RENDOX gives rendering companies and petfood manufacturers a unique synthetic blend of antioxidants to extend the shelf life of rendered ingredients and pet food products.

A Closer Look at Oxidation

The oxidation process cannot be fully stopped nor can the consequences of oxidation be reversed. A complete stability assurance programme, however, can aid in controlling oxidation through the entire pet food production process. Synthetic antioxidants used in the stabilisation of pet food products serve to slow or inhibit oxidation by eliminating free radicals. A key component to a stability assurance programme is having a fully integrated approach to freshness protection.

Kemin recognises that an effective quality assurance programme must address the entire scope of the stabilization process—from raw material quality to the stability of the final pet food product. Building a stability assurance programme tailored specifically for each petfood diet is essential. Kemin offers a wide variety of synthetic antioxidants, such as RENDOX, used in the stabilisation of rendering ingredients and pet food products to receive the full benefits of antioxidant blends.

Not All Synthetic Antioxidants Are Created Equal

Kemin is a leading manufacturer of pet food preservative ingredients commonly used in the production of pet food to control the free radical chain reaction associated with the oxidation process.

Antioxidants such as butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and propyl gallate (PG) deliver oxidative stability to ingredients used in pet food manufacturing and rendering production. While they are typically effective in controlling the autoxidative process, Kemin scientists understand these antioxidants react differently depending on the production process and the substrate being stabilised. That’s why Kemin aims to maximise the oxidation protection benefits of each synthetic antioxidant blend.

Stabilising Animal Fats and Protein Meals

RENDOX synthetic antioxidants are specially formulated to stabilise pet food ingredients, including protein meals and animal fats, while helping to maintain product freshness, protect the product quality, increase product shelf life and ensure customer satisfaction.

An effective antioxidant blend should easily mix with the fat or protein meal it is meant to protect. RENDOX brand products are designed to optimise the dispersion of the antioxidant within the protein or fat matrix. Adding a RENDOX liquid antioxidant to fat or protein meal at the rendering plant requires extensive expertise and knowledge about plant and equipment design. Kemin’s Product Application Department (PAD) and Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) can provide the processing and testing expertise to support your stability assurance programmes.

Benefits of RENDOX

Benefits of RENDOX Include:

  • Effective blends of synthetic antioxidants
  • A comprehensive antioxidant system
  • A variety of solutions for every application
  • Formulations specific to the demands of rendered ingredients

An Industry Leader in Pet Food Antioxidants

As the industry leader in natural and synthetic antioxidants used in the stabilisation of pet food products, Kemin takes great pride in the fact that many of the world’s leading pet food manufacturers and rendering companies trust us with their antioxidant stabilisation programmes. What sets Kemin apart is:

  • Extensive experience and knowledge in the petfood industry
  • Our expertise and emphasis and in the rendering industry
  • Product and technical support at the local and global levels
  • Collaborative services to help develop new products and troubleshoot problems
  • A corporate commitment to quality and food safety

Add RENDOX to Your Freshness Protection Program

RENDOX synthetic antioxidants are a powerful liquid formulation specially designed to stabilise animal fats and protein meals during the rendering process. Adding RENDOX synthetic antioxidants to your operation will help to ensure that product freshness is maintained, product quality and nutritional value are protected, and product shelf life is maximised.

Contact Kemin today to see how RENDOX brand synthetic antioxidants can bring stability and freshness protection to your rendering operation. Also, by partnering with Kemin we will show you how our Product Application Department (PAD), Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) and Technical Services Team can provide value-added support to help you achieve your product specifications and business goals.

*Natural here is defined by the 2011 European Pet Food Industry Federation Code of Good Labelling Practice for Pet Food.

**Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labelling and associated claims may differ based upon local government requirements.

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