PREVION™ for Natural Pet Treat Preservation

A Closer Look at the Pet Treat Market

The pet treat segment continues to experience considerable growth in nearly every pet food market around the globe. The humanisation of pets continues to drive this growth. Pet owners have grown accustomed to treating their companion animals with a variety of indulgences, including natural pet treats that contain an assortment of healthy, wholesome characteristics.

For example, pet owners are moving away from pet treats that contain synthetic chemical additives and preservatives, replacing them with healthy, natural alternatives. This has created both challenges and opportunities for pet treat manufacturers to replace these synthetic chemical preservatives with natural pet treat preservation solutions.

Natural Ingredients for Pet Treat Preservation

Pet treats come in a wide variety of product forms and many of these forms are at an elevated microbial risk because of their high moisture content and potentially elevated water activity. For example, pet treats such as jerky treats, meat snacks, raw treats, soft-moist treats and other treat forms containing high moisture content, present a higher risk. Therefore, successful microbial shelf-life preservation is a critical component in the long-term market success for these types of pet treats.

Fortunately, pet food manufacturers are able to manage microbial risks through a number of intervention steps, such as proper sanitation or hygiene, improved packaging methods, and integrating microbial preservative technologies into the pet treat manufacturing process. Historically, pet treat manufacturers have had limited options when it comes to replacing synthetic chemical ingredients and additives with natural ingredients that can effectively address microbial preservation and mould inhibition in pet treats.

PREVION for Natural Mould Inhibition in Pet Treats

Kemin developed PREVION to give petfood manufacturers a safe, effective and natural alternative to synthetic preservatives used for extending the shelf life of pet treats. PREVION features a novel water-soluble blend of buffered distilled vinegar and citric acid (in a powder form) that can be incorporated into marinades, brines, dry ingredient blends or directly into meats used in the production of pet treats. Buffering minimises the corrosivity and enhances product handling characteristics of pet food ingredients. It’s specially designed to not have a negative impact on the palatability of pet treats, but actually assists in maintaining the unique flavour profiles of the treats.

Benefits of PREVION

The PREVION Advantage

Not all natural preservatives are created equal. Replacing synthetic chemical ingredients and additives in pet treats with PREVION is the key to:

  • Providing natural, buffered ingredients that deliver reduced corrosivity and safe handling
  • The quality freshness of pet treats is maintained
  • Providing natural options for pet treat preservation
  • Meeting the standards for consumer friendly labels
  • Positive effect on palatability of pet treats
  • Delivering effective shelf-life extension for long-lasting freshness

Add PREVION to the Mix

PREVION from Kemin assures the microbial freshness of your pet treats and gives pet owners peace of mind that their companion animals are consuming pet treats that are fresh, safe, naturally preserved and delicious.

Contact a Kemin sales representative today to see how PREVION can provide effective, natural microbial preservation of pet treats that meets consumer demand for natural pet treats. Also, by partnering with Kemin we will show you how our Product Application Department, Customer Laboratory Services and Technical Services Team can provide optimum mould control and value-added service to help you achieve your business goals.

*Natural here is defined by the 2011 European Pet Food Industry Federation Code of Good Labelling Practice for Pet Food.

**Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labelling and associated claims may differ based upon local government requirements.

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