PALASURANCE®: Enhanced Palatability for Petfood Products

As people continue to embrace pets as full-fledged family members, they are more willing to make certain their pets are enjoying each meal. There is not a universal solution to mealtime satisfaction, as food preferences of cats and dogs can vary greatly depending on the animal’s breed, size and even personality. Ensuring that petfood products provide both superior palatability and nutrition requires dedication, innovation and expertise.

At Kemin, we recognise that numerous factors influence the palatability of pet food—such as texture, the freshness of ingredients, the size and shape of the kibble, and the application method of palatants. We understand flavour and aroma at the molecular level and use this knowledge to create palatability enhancers that will make pets love their pet food.

PALASURANCE is Your Palatability Enhancer

The Kemin portfolio of petfood palatants is represented by our flagship brand PALASURANCE. Designed to deliver optimal palatability, PALASURANCE palatants bring irresistible aromas and flavours to all types of petfood products. With a variety of performance levels available to choose from, customers can find a price range that meets their unique needs.

Kemin’s Raw Material Risk Assessment (RMRA) program tracks the quality of ingredients throughout the entire process to assure the standards and preferences of petfood manufacturers, pet owners and especially the pets.

Benefits of PALASURANCE palatability enhancers

PALASURANCE for Dry Pet Food

While palatability enhancers can be applied to all types of petfood products, they are typically applied to dry pet foods that otherwise lack the palatability of wet or canned pet foods. PALASURANCE palatants for dog food and cat food are designed to appeal to the taste and aroma preferences of dogs and cats to enhance the overall appeal of dry petfood diets.

  • Formulated to deliver the desired level of palatability on the surface of kibble
  • Available as a palatant in both dry and liquid forms for cat food and dog food
  • Produced at facilities in Brazil, Italy, and the United States
  • Backed by quality control standards and verification

PALASURANCE for Pet Treats

The role of pet treats has expanded in recent years—from training tool to everyday reward. Pet owners use treats as a means of bonding with their pets and to enhance the overall quality of life for their animal. PALASURANCE palatants can be used to coat the outside of pet treats to optimise palatability. Concentrated PALASURANCE bases are available to include in a dry mix or treat recipe before extrusion, injection, baking and other petfood manufacturing processes.

  • Concentrated bases for dry mixes, treat formulations and wet pet food
  • Backed by quality control standards and verification

PALASURANCE for Your Palatability Assurance Program

Create and maintain a winning brand with a trusted partner that understands the ingredients and raw materials at the molecular level. That partner is Kemin. Contact us today to see how we can provide superior palatability and aroma performance while also helping to maintain freshness and extend the shelf-life of your pet food, pet treats, and pet supplements. Kemin is assurance.

*Natural here is defined by the 2011 European Pet Food Industry Federation Code of Good Labelling Practice for Pet Food.

*Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labelling and associated claims may differ based upon local government requirements.

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