Understand the Science Behind Surfactants to Improve Your Feed Processing

MillSMART™ with Opti CURB® pre-conditioning solution covers three product ranges, including Sal CURB®, Myco CURB® and KEM WET™. These product ranges all contain a unique synergistic combination of surfactants that have been individually researched, selected and incorporated into a stable formulation based on chemistry and science.

Watch the video below to learn about the mode of action of the surfactants in Opti CURB.


What is a Surfactant?

The role of a surfactant is to reduce the surface tension of a liquid. A surfactant is a molecule that is both hydrophilic and lipophilic, also known collectively as amphiphilic. Surfactants directly affect the surface tension of Opti CURB and its chemical properties, which can enhance the product's ability to spread over animal feed and cover a larger surface area. In addition, surfactants support the penetration of the pre-conditioning solution into feed particles. 

Pelleting the feed at appropriate and uniform wetness ratio can improve pellet quality of the feed. This has potential benefits for feed mill efficiency, feed safety and feed mill profitability.

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