Europe LYSOFORTE® Benefits Poultry

  1. Improves fat absorption
  2. Improves vitamin E and linoleic acid absorption
  3. Reduces fecal loss of fats/oils
  4. Enhances Energy value (AME) of diets
  5. Improves FCR and Body weight
  6. Increases egg size
  7. Decreased feed cost by reformulation
  8. Allows substitution of oil in the feed with cheaper components

LYSOFORTE efficacy in poultry

Digestibility and performance data show that LYSOFORTE significantly improves fat digestion and absorption of other nutrients.

Table 1. Digestibility (%) and AMEn (kcal/kg) results in a broiler trial

LYSOFORTE improves fat digestion

Nutritional strategies for LYSOFORTE application

Cost neutral reformulation

Figure 1. Growth response of LYSOFORTE on broilers fed pelleted diets (Poland 2012). Trial feed was formulated with -25 kcal and LYSOFORTE Booster dry was added at 500 g/tonne (cost neutral).
Body weight gain with LYSOFORTE
Kemin Internal Reference 14-00024

Diet reformulation

The reformulation approach is a flexible nutritional tool to support nutritionists on feed cost saving (save costs) through feed reformulation (via simple optimization) or oil substitution (replacement, use) using (of) cheaper and less dense raw materials. Feed reformulation with LYSOFORTE also allows to change the (balance) ratio between fats and oils, improving carcass quality.

The use of LYSOFORTE Booster as a nutritional tool to reformulate diets contributes to significant cost savings without compromising performance.

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