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LysiGEM: The Superior Source Of Digestible Lysine For Ruminants

LysiGEM is a rumen-protected lysine that results in the most cost-effective solution when formulating dairy diets based on amino acid balance. It combines rumen bypass and proven intestinal digestible lysine.

Because not all is about just rumen-protection, LysiGEM delivers the amount of digestible lysine that the ruminant needs. 


LysiGEM key paremeters
Figure 1: LysiGEM key parameters (INF-2015-00021)


LysiPEARL: Securing Your Ruminant Feed Formulas

LysiPEARL is an encapsulated product that includes key nutrients that are able to bypasses the rumen to be released in the gastrointestinal tract where they are absorbed more efficiently.

Ruminant nutritionists and their customers benefit from investments made by Kemin in the science and technology to create LysiPEARL – which supports:


  • Feeding diets lower in crude protein.
  • Achieving more efficient production of milk and milk components
  • Reducing the overall nitrogen excretion into the environmen
  • Reducing formulation uncertainty 

Smartamine® M: The encapsulated methionine for ruminants

Smartamine® M coating protects the methionine from rumen fermentation, then the low pH in the abomasum dissolves the pH-sensitive coating which allows the methionine to be absorbed in the small intestine.

The three keys to the success of Smartamine® M:

Smartamine M: unique pH-sensitive coating and 75% methionine High level of rumen protection

  • Complete release in the abomasum
  • Total absorption in the small intestine

Smartamine M is, with its pH sensitive coating, the worldwide reference product in the market of rumen protected methionines. It is easily applicable in premixes.

MetaSmart®: The Only Pelletable Rumen-Protected Methionine

MetaSmart is a unique source of specific, pelletable methionine for ruminants that has an excellent bio-availability while also providing needed methionine for the rumen function.

MetaSmart delivers two modes of action:

MetaSmart mode of action

  • Rumen Wall Absorption (50% bio-available): MetaSmart is absorbed across the rumen wall to provide methionine to the animal necessary to optimize milk protein synthesis and metabolic health.
  • Rumen Activation (50% bio-available): MetaSmart is hydrolyzed in the rumen which has a positive effect  on rumen fermentation increasing the microbial protein supply. 


MetaSmart is available in liquid and dry forms.

Whether you choose Smartamine M or MetaSmart, you will optimize the methionine status of your animals necessary for cow performance and health.


Smartamine® M - MetaSmart® are trademarks of Adisseo France S.A.S

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