LysiGEM™ - An Encapsulated Lysine for Dairy Cows

Lysine is an Essential Nutrient

Dairy cows require essential amino acids such as Lysine and Methionine to synthesize proteins for milk, muscle or a growing fetus. Without proper supplementation of the main amino acids, it's hard to reach nutritional goals. Lysine is considered one of the main limiting amino acids for optimal animal performance.

LysiGEM™ is a rumen-protected lysine that offers a cost-effective solution for balancing amino acids in dairy cow diets. Beyond rumen bypass benefits, LysiGEM delivers the amount of bioavailable and digestible lysine the ruminant needs.


  • Highly bioavailable lysine for dairy cows
  • Highly concentrated product
  • Free flowing product that is resistant to physical damage in typical feed processing, mixing and pelleting

Benefits of LysiGEM

  • Greater flexibility in balancing rations to amino acid specifications
  • Improved efficiency of metabolizing protein
  • The combination of rumen bypass and intestinal availability provides cost effective sources of limiting amino acids
  • A great tool for soybean meal replacement in cow diets

LysiGEM key paremeters

Why Balance Amino Acids in Dairy Cow Diets?

Balancing Amino Acids (AA) in dairy cow diets is becoming more widely accepted among dairy producers. Increased interest in AA balancing is caused by a desire to lower protein diets, high prices for protein supplements, and continued refinement and improvement of nutrition models.

SmartMILK: Balancing for AA with encapsulated lysine is a contributing factor for higher milk yields, higher milk component levels and greater herd profitability for many dairy producers.

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