Europe KEMZYME® Benefits Animal Feeds

Known Challenge, Proven Solution

Unfortunately, many feed ingredients are not fully digested by animals. This fact is well known and a challenge when it comes to getting the best possible nutritional value out of rations and feed formulations. Fortunately, by adding enzymes to feed the digestibility and absorption of these components can be enhanced. Enzymes are well-proven catalysts for enabling nutritionists and feed producers to extend the range of raw materials used and improve the efficiency of existing formulations.

How it Works

Enzymes promote efficient animal production by breaking down complex and varying substrates coming either from wheat or corn/soya based diets and from rations including a variety of alternative raw materials. Enzymes, and especially combinations of them, have become an important tool for nutritionists to keep feed costs under control, which is always important to livestock and poultry producers and even more so under today’s economic and environmental pressures.

KEMZYME is a stabilized multi-enzyme formulation developed by Kemin to improve the digestibility of raw materials, increase the nutrient level,  improve animal performance, and reduce the cost of production.

Tailored to the World

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Feed ingredients differ in all regions of the world and can fluctuate based on many factors including availability, quality, demand and price. To reflect this fact, KEMZYME® products are also different in each region and are designed to target these specific needs and ever-changing feed program variables.

Flexible Formulation Options

The availability of a concentrated product form for use in premixes, a regular product for direct inclusion into the feed mix, and a liquid formulation for post pelleting application offers flexibility and convenience to you and the custom-formulations you create. 

Your Personal Advisor

Additional services such as feed reformulation advice from your Kemin sales representative and other team members also provides extra value going beyond the product benefit. Have a question or need to discuss a situation? That’s why we’re here!

Insights and Proof Points

  • Provides a complete and convenient option for complex substrates that require more than one enzyme activity for a complete solution.  KEMZYME provides all needed activities in one product.
  • Increases the availability of energy and amino acids in all diets with complex substrates

Provides both exogenous and endogenous enzymes.

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based upon government requirements.

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