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FloraGLO® Lutein: An important nutrient in eye supplements for all ages

As we age, our visual health may naturally decline, leading to poor vision. Some people also suffer from various eye conditions due to family history or lack of eye protection in their youth. One of the factors that negatively impacts eye health is overexposure to harmful wavelengths of blue light. Blue light is a component of visible light and everyone is exposed to it both indoors and outdoors. Nearly every source of light - whether natural or artificial - emits blue light.1-2

With the increasing popularity of digital devices, eyes are exposed to blue light at ever-increasing levels. Overexposure can lead to short-term and long-term vision damage.3 FloraGLO® Lutein is the first lutein brand to use a U.S. blue light patent to filter blue light from the eyes.4 Formulating eye health vitamins or supplements with FloraGLO offers the naturally-sourced lutein we need each day:5,6,4,7

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How FloraGLO works:


What is lutein?

Lutein, often used in conjunction with zeaxanthin, is an important carotenoid that the human body uses to protect the eyes and keep them performing at their best - through every stage of life. These nutrients are found in the human diet in a variety of fruits and vegetables, namely in dark, leafy greens.8 Lutein and zeaxanthin are the only dietary nutrients selectively deposited in the eyes, specifically, in the macula lutea to create a protective layer known as macular pigment.9-11 Macular pigment is the eyes' natural defense against harmful blue light.

Why are these nutrients important?

The human body can't produce lutein or zeaxanthin on its own, and these nutrients can decrease with age, which leaves older eyes unprotected and vulnerable to damage.12 So it's important that we replenish our lutein and zeaxanthin levels daily through diet and supplementation.

Most people aren't getting enough: Green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale or broccoli provide the best food sources of lutein, but many people don't eat enough of these foods. Most individuals’ diets only provide about 0.5-4.0 mg lutein per day.13

FloraGLO Lutein: The natural ingredient for eye health

FloraGLO is a naturally-sourced lutein ingredient from marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta L.). FloraGLO provides the human body with the same absorbable form of lutein found in food sources.

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