Pet Food Palatants and Proteins

Every pet owner wants to give his or her companion pets high-quality petfood products that are flavourful, nutritious and enjoyed by their animals. What is the key to making your pet foods irresistible? Quality palatants and proteins for pet food.

Optimising palatability in pet food comes from successfully balancing ingredient freshness, product formulation and developing the best flavour profiles. Palatants, otherwise known as palatability enhancers, for pet food products play an integral role in elevating the tastes and aromas that appeal most to pets. Low molecular weight spray-dried products contribute to the nutritional content and to the high digestibility of pet food products.

The Petfood Palatability Experts

Many factors can influence the palatability of pet food—including the freshness of raw materials and the application of palatants during the petfood manufacturing process. As your trusted partner, Kemin brings to the table expertise in ingredients and raw materials, as well as an in-depth understanding of the behavior differences and flavor preferences of cats and dogs.

Kemin pet food palatants are designed to meet your unique needs concerning flavour, petfood safety and quality. Our advanced pilot facility, located adjacent to our production facility, allows us to test new improvements and develop tailored solutions based on specific customer needs. Kemin palatability experts are on hand to measure and evaluate the performance of our products applied to our customers’ diets. Our goal is to assure consistent quality and make sure our products are compatible with customers’ requirements.

Pet Food Palatants for Cat and Dog Preference

When deciding whether to eat, cats and dogs place different importance on the taste and aroma characteristics of their meal. Cats rely on their specialized sense of taste, while dogs are influenced by their well-developed sense of smell. These differing dominant senses, in combination with other factors such as breed, size and personality, affect the eating habits of pets. For instance, dogs are often characterized as voracious eaters, attracted to foods where aromas are particularly enhanced. Cats are notorious for being demanding relative to their diet to accommodate their standards around aroma, taste, size and texture.

At Kemin, we use this knowledge to design PALASURANCE® palatants that appeal to the many unique preferences of cats and dogs alike.

Palatants for Pet Treats

While palatability enhancers are used most frequently on dry pet foods, Kemin PALASURANCE palatants are also used to elevate the taste and aroma of pet treats. Palatable pet treats are crucial for both training pets and reinforcing the bond between pets and their owners.

PALASURANCE palatants can be applied as a coating on the surface of pet treats to enhance palatability. In addition, concentrated PALASURANCE bases are also available to include in dry mixes for pet treat recipes before manufacturing processes such as extrusion, injection or baking.

Spray-Dried Products

Kemin is a leading manufacturer of spray-dried products. Our extensive protein portfolio includes a range of spray-dried liver and meat products, spray-dried low molecular weight products and specialty spray-dried products. Kemin offers products that provide high quality proteins from single or multiple animal sources to support palatability and freshness. Our formulas are important nutritional additives used in pet food, treats and other consumable pet products. For those in search of a highly digestible protein source for use in companion animal diets, we offer spray-dried low molecular weight products.

Kemin is Your Petfood Palatability Partner

Ready to enhance the palatability of your petfood products? Kemin’s renowned Technical Service Managers, Customer Laboratory Service (CLS) teams and Product Application Department (PAD) are your palatability partners throughout the entire petfood manufacturing process. Our team of scientists and experts provide technical advice, product development and screening and production support to meet your palatant and spray-dried product needs.

*Natural here is defined by the 2011 European Pet Food Industry Federation Code of Good Labelling Practice for Pet Food.

**Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labelling and associated claims may differ based upon local government requirements.

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