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MillSMART™ Online Technology Reduces Process Variation in Animal Feed

 MillSMART™ Online Technology Reduces Process Variation in Animal Feed

Key European feed mill operators see technology first hand during a study visit in Ireland

HERENTALS, Belgium (August 23, 2017) – Kemin Industries, a global nutritional ingredient company that uses science to touch 3.6 billion people every day with its products and services, is improving feed mill efficiencies through MillSMART™ online process control. The company recently invited key European feed mill operators to Ireland to see the benefits of online process control first hand.

“Feed mill operators have worked hard to increase feed profitability by reducing costs at the raw material level,” said Luis Conchello, MillSMART Business Manager for Animal Nutrition and Health, Europe. “Through our MillSMART program, we’ve taken this industry challenge and developed an innovative online technology to help operators increase feed production profitability and feed processing productivity.”

The online technology reduces the variability of the mash feed in the mixer. During the subsequent pre-conditioning step, the feed is standardized to a uniform target by adding a surfactant pre-conditioning solution. This step helps producers achieve low variability both within and between production batches. It also optimizes the conditions for the pelleting process which positively improves final pellet quality.

“With this technology, feed is produced more efficiently while ensuring feed safety and quality,” said Raf Snoekx, Senior Product Application Department Manager at Animal Nutrition and Health, Europe. “It allows feed mills to be a tool to optimize feed processing and quality, not just a cost center.”

After a short seminar, attendees witnessed the MillSMART technology in action. This study visit allowed visitors to clarify technical questions and discuss the program with operators using the technology. Because of the success of this study visit, Kemin will continue organizing study visits and seminars for feed mill operators.


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