Leadership Team - Kemin Industries

Family Owned and Operated Company

Kemin Industries is a wholly owned family company established by R.W. and Mary Nelson in 1961.

Today, R.W. Nelson serves as Chairman of the Board. He plays an integral role in steering the company’s vision and continued success. He regularly leads in-depth sales trainings with team members around the globe.  

Mary Nelson serves as Corporate Vice President and Chair of the Kemin Charitable Contributions Committee. Her leadership guides the company’s corporate philanthropic giving and creates a culture of reaching out to the disadvantaged and those in distress, both locally and globally.

Dr. Chris Nelson, son of R.W. and Mary Nelson, serves as President and CEO. Since Dr. Chris Nelson became president in 1993, Kemin has more than quadrupled in size, while venturing into new industries, technologies and regions around the globe.

In 2001, Elizabeth (Libby) Nelson, daughter of R.W. and Mary Nelson, began as Vice President and General Counsel for Kemin. Her leadership has been instrumental in protecting intellectual property, and developing the company’s regulatory affairs, audit and environmental health and safety programs worldwide.

David Nelson, son of R.W. and Mary Nelson, joined the Board of Advisors in 2014. He is a real estate developer and operates a property management company in southern Indiana and northern Kentucky.

Kimberly Nelson, daughter of Dr. Chris Nelson, joined Kemin as a business development manager in 2017. She spearheads the development of the company’s new business venture in textile chemicals.

Lucas Nelson, son of David Nelson, joined Kemin as an attorney in 2017. He assists business units worldwide with legal matters, including acquisitions, labor, employment and regulatory matters.

Global and Regional Leadership Teams

As a company who thinks globally and acts locally, Kemin has both global and regional boards of advisors and leadership teams. This allows our leadership to provide both global and regional strategic direction and insight to support the long-term growth of Kemin.

Kemin is comprised of 14 independently operated business units worldwide, each with their own president, leadership team, industry focus and regional customer segment. This structure helps each business unit act locally, strengthen their expertise in the industry and provide specialized solutions that truly meet their customers’ needs.

While each business unit operates independently, many of the insights, best practices and breakthroughs can be shared and applied across the company. This allows Kemin to continually evolve, improve and strive toward our shared vision to improve the quality of life.

Executive Leadership Team

  • R.W. Nelson | Chairman of the Board
  • Mary Nelson | Corporate Vice President
  • Dr. Chris Nelson | President and CEO
  • Elizabeth “Libby” Nelson | Vice President and General Counsel
  • Giuseppe Abrate | Group President, Food and Human
  • Marsha Bro | Executive General Manager, Crop Technologies
  • Alex Castillo | Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources
  • Dr. Zhilin Gan | President, Animal Nutrition and Health – China
  • Tammi Guldenpfennig |Chief Financial Officer
  • Fintan Sit | President, Food Technologies – Asia Pacific and India
  • Anita Norian | President, Human Nutrition and Health
  • Johan Opperman | President, Animal Nutrition and Health – Sub-Saharan Africa
  • K.P. Philip | President, Animal Nutrition and Health – EMEA
  • José Piccolotto | President, Animal Nutrition and Health – South America
  • G.S. Ramesh | Group President, Animal Nutrition and Health 
  • David Raveyre | President, Pet Food and Rendering Technologies
  • Marc Scantlin | President, Food Technologies – North America and South America
  • Daryl Schraad | President, Animal Nutrition and Health – North America
  • R. Sureshkumar | President, Animal Nutrition and Health – India
  • Dr. Hai Meng Tan | President, Kemin Industries (Asia) Pte Ltd
  • Dr. Stefaan Van Dyck | President, Food Technologies – EMEA
  • Riaan Van Dyk | Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and Strategy

Commitment to Servant Leadership

Across all regions, departments and job functions, Kemin is a committed to being a company with a culture of servant leadership.

Kemin leadership demonstrates and teaches all employees the key principles of servant leadership, including respect, appreciation, competence, empowerment, modeling, pioneering, service, trust and vision. These values are the essence of our culture at Kemin.

The Kemin Vision

Improving health, feeding a growing population, protecting our resources, and being a resource for others in need . . . these comprise our purpose. They’re our passion. They’re what move us forward and drive us constantly to do more. They’re about touching lives and improving life.

And as we see our world continue to change and grow, we continue to change, to foster new ways of thinking, to redefine our focus, and to expand our reach.

These are our stories: stories of partnership, innovation, growth, new discovery, and, most importantly, of lives changed.

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