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Efficient feed digestion & enhanced nutrient absorption are crucial to optimize animal production.

NUTRIKEM™ -  Multidimensional Approach for Improved Digestion and Absorption

Enhancing Modern Animal Production

More efficient feed digestion and enhanced nutrient absorption are crucial to optimising modern animal production. The variation in the overall content and bio-availability of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and amino acids in feeds has led to the development of various enzymes designed to liberate unavailable nutrients. Given the many biochemical processes involved in nutrient digestion, it is likely that a multiple enzyme system would play a comprehensive role in digestion, particularly in NSP degradation and protein and starch utilization.

A further improvement in the efficacy of multi-enzyme systems has been achieved through the combination with lysophospholipids. This led to the development of the NUTRIKEM concept: improvement of nutrient breakdown with enhanced nutrient absorption. NUTRIKEM Dry is a well-defined enzyme combination designed for modern day animal production, boosted by the surfactant effect of phospholipids and lysophospholipids.

Feed Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

The principle of “boosting enzyme activities” is the result of the bio-surfactant effect of these lysophospholipids that improves the “substrate-enzyme complex formation” and enhances feed digestion and nutrient absorption in the digestive tract, through micelle formation and increasing cell membrane permeability. Consequently, more energy and more amino acids are released from the feed and are utilised by the animal which results in better animal performances. NUTRIKEM Dry can be used for feed reformulation allowing a substantial feed cost reduction while maintaining animal performance.

At today’s raw material prices, feeds may be as much as 11 € per ton cheaper, making NUTRIKEM Dry application extremely profitable. Here bellow a reformulation example following the application of 500 g/ton of NUTRIKEM Dry is shown (main differences are commented in red).


Formula 1: GROWER ROSS 308

Formula 2: GROWER ROSS 308 + 500g/ton NUTRIKEM DRY

  1 2
CORN 57.0 60.6
SOJA BM 47% 35.7 34.0 Reduction of 17 kg/ton of SBM
SOYBEAN OIL 3.57 1.70 Reduction of 18.7 kg/ton of Soybean oil
LIMESTONE 1.30 1.30
MCP 1.20 1.20
D.L.METHIONINE 0.32 0.31
SODIUM CHL. 0.28 0.28
PX MIN/VIT BRO 0.25 0.25
L-LYSINE HCl 0.17 0.18
SODIUM BIC.(NaH 0.13 0.13
L.THREONINE 0.09 0.09
PHYTASE P 5000 0.01 0.01
Price (€/ton) 270 259
ANALYSIS (%)    
Moisture 11.31 11.56
CP 21.50 21.50
TOTAL FAT 6.21 4.43
LYS 1.30 1.30
M+C 0.99 0.99
THR 0.90 0.90
digLYSp 1.15 1.15
digM+Cp 0.89 0.88
digTHRp 0.77 0.77
AMEp (kcal/kg) 3100 3100