Service to Customers at Kemin Industries

Kemin acts in partnership with our customers to fulfill their needs and expectations while achieving mutually profitable results.

Through our rigorous raw material risk assessments and quality management systems, we deliver safe, high quality products to customers across Canada and around the globe.

Beyond serving as a responsible ingredient manufacturer, we provide tailored customer lab services, product application support and technical expertise to help customers maximize the value of Kemin ingredients in their products. 

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Serving as a Responsible Ingredient Manufacturer

We go to great lengths to ensure the safety and quality of our products. We are dedicated to being a responsible ingredient manufacturer across our ingredient supply chain, from raw

Because we are committed to the highest standards of raw material testing, above and beyond any required compliance or regulatory standard, we’ve made a multimillion-dollar investment in our own independent testing laboratory.

To produce more than 500 specialty ingredients, we maintain top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities worldwide, each operating under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

We have established quality control protocols for all analyses and conduct internal audits of our facilities and systems on a frequent basis as a part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Serving Customers with Our Technical Expertise

Tailored Product Application Support

Our Product Application Department (PAD) provides unique application technology, expertise and services to help customers maximize the value of Kemin ingredients.

Understanding that every production facility is different and every customer has different goals, our engineers and technical experts work closely with customers to develop tailor-made application solutions and monitor processes.

We often run pilot trials with mobile units to ensure the application works well for customers before designing and installing a full application system. Once an application system has been installed, the PAD team continues to support customers with system servicing and maintenance.

Kemin has developed online technology that allows customers to automate liquid application of Kemin products. Our liquid application systems can help lower the cost of application, improve technical efficacy and reduce variability or application errors.

Our team of experts also host workshops and trainings to share application best practices and insights with customers.

Ingredient Supplier with Customer Lab Services

Kemin provides customer lab services

To ensure the success of our customers and ultimately the success of our products, our Customer Lab Services (CLS) team offers tailored analytical, shelf life, sensory, chemistry and microbiology testing services. Our CLS team also helps customers identify the most efficient application rate and application point to ensure customers are receiving the maximum value from our products.

Our industry-leading throughput and turnaround times, as well as our validated equipment and methods, allow Kemin to help customers meet their business goals.