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ZeaONE – A new Standard

ZeaONE® is a naturally-sourced zeaxanthin ingredient from the same makers of FloraGLO® Lutein – the most clinically-researched and science-backed lutein brand in the world.1 And just as FloraGLO® did for lutein, ZeaONE® is setting a new standard for zeaxanthin. The same “free-form" as is found naturally in our diet, ZeaONE®  helps provide the clinically studied benefits of this important carotenoid, the way nature intended...

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Zeaxanthin – It’s Not All The Same

In nature, zeaxanthin exists in a “free” un-esterified form or as an ester. Citrus fruits and peppers are commons sources of zeaxanthin esters whereas free zeaxanthin is found in eggs, corn, spinach and other green vegetables. The overwhelming majority of zeaxanthin is consumed in the free form.  To absorb zeaxanthin from esterified zeaxanthin, it must first be de-esterified by the body - an enzymatic process that varies among individuals and can affect absorption.

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Why Dietary Zeaxanthin? – A Scientific Summary

Zeaxanthin, together with lutein, are components of the macular pigment that are derived from dietary sources. Supplementation with zeaxanthin results in increased levels of this important bioactive in the serum and the macula, resulting in improved visual function…

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Supplemental Meso-Zeaxanthin – Not What Nature Intended

Not all zeaxanthin is the same.  Some products are misrepresented as containing zeaxanthin, when in fact, they are purposefully formulated to contain a zeaxanthin stereoisomer—3R, 3’S-meso-zeaxanthin. Meso-zeaxanthin, sometimes confusingly referenced on labeling as “zeaxanthin isomers”, is quite different than zeaxanthin and is not found in the typical diet.  Furthermore, all the meso-zeaxanthin found in eye health supplements is semi-synthetic and cannot be considered natural.  Hence, for these and many other reasons, meso-zeaxanthin is not a suitable replacement…

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Press Release DSM/Kemin Zeaxanthin Agreement

DES MOINES, Iowa – October 1, 2014 – Kemin and DSM are pleased to announce the launch of OPTISHARP®Natural brand of zeaxanthin.Kemin, pioneer of FloraGLO® Lutein, Kemin and DSM are expanding their longtime lutein partnership to deliver high-quality, naturally-sourced zeaxanthin. OPTISHARP Natural, made from Kemin Industries’ ZeaONE® brand of zeaxanthin, offers important benefits for eye health, cognition and skin health.


OPTISHARP® Natural is a Registered Trademark of DSM Nutritional Products Ltd.

OPTISHARP® Natural is made with patented ZeaOne(R) from KEMIN. ZeaOne is a [registered] trademark of KEMIN Industries, Inc. Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 6,748,351, 7,575,766 and 7,033,622.

Kemin Foods L.C. Internal Memorandum based on PubMed Search.

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